Handler mappings

The web server chooses which hanlder should be used to serve up content based on handler mappings (modified through the HandlerMappings property on the web server). Handlers are selected on a first-come first-served basis, where the first handler that matches the request URL and locally mapped path is selected.

Handlers are selected on two criteria:

The request path

For each handler mapping you can specify a wildcard expression which must match the request URL. ("*" is currently the only wildcard considered).

The local mapping type

You may also specify a local mapping type - the handler associated with the handler mapping will only be executed if the existance / nonexistance of the locally mapped file / folder is compatible.

You may choose one of 4 values for the local mapping type:

The request URL must map onto a file that exists.
The request URL must map onto a folder that exists.
The request URL must map onto either a file that exists, or a folder that exists.
There is no restriction on what the request URL maps onto.

The default local mapping type is File.

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